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off the phone with oakland diocese and they confirm he coached between 1999 and 2005 saying no-par rents have come forward but police say there could be more victims and anyone who knows anything or who may have been a victim, please come forward. >> thank you. happening now, many students did not go to school today in san mateo after threatening postings on facebook. this is in response to yesterday's discovery of a rambling threat against the school for today. a student found it on an anonymous paining on facebook. police will not describe the threat but they say that most serious threats would not be posted if advance on popular online forums. they are not taking any chances with student safety so there are police officers on campus right now. >> happening right now, grief counselors after at a san jose hospital helping students cope with the death of a student killed by a caltrain. the 6-year-old was killed on tuesday near pedestrian crossing south of his station. family and friends are taking part in a vigil. james was a budding musician and posted this video online playin
lunches and convinced first lady michelle obama to plant a garden. >> violence in oakland with federal, state, and local law enforcement spanning now a surprising series of arrests. you saw it here first on abc7 news. our reporter has been in oakland all morning and amy, you have the latest? >> information is still coming in, kristen, but at this hour they have arrested 12 people. they went out looking for some of the most violent offenders in oakland, and these are people wanted for felony, some even for murder. police took this ak-47 out of an oakland home during an early morning raid involving 14 law enforcement agencies including u.s. marshals. >> it is one of the largest sweeps we have done with the help of our federal partners. it is probably the first time that i can recall where we have actually served multiple warrants simultaneously at different locations spokesmanning throughout the buy area. >> oakland police have been sugar landing the round up for six months with suspects waking up to grenades outside their home and a phone call and police announcing on a loudspeaker that
of teaching in oakland schools. the independent study calls for the change in the way teachers are evacuated and compensated. highway does the teachers' union react? >> not well. the union calls the study "flawed, slanted and anti-union." that reaction does not bode well for the community groups who hoped educators and policymakers would get behind it. the national council makes 25 recommendations to the unify school district and seven to the state. >> great teaching does not happen by accident. it happens when there are good policies and excellence practices that are in place. >> a coalition of open community groups paid for the study. >> we know from our experiences and the research, that there is more we could be doing to set up our teaches for success. >> they say oakland needs to do a better job of hiring and assigning teachers. the district now hires teachers late in the summer when many candidates have already found other jobs. the council says principles should have final say over hiring and clarify teacher evaluation standards that are confusing, pay top teachers more with performan
of workers here in oakland but also in san leandro and hayward and livermore, formed picket lines. the strike ended at 8:00 a.m. but the effects could be felt all day. >> most people in oakland were probably sound asleep when hundreds of employees put on their vests and refused to go to work. >> it sent a strong message that this company is not going to be above the law and people will call when there is this kind of problem. >> for example, the international long shoremen union spokesman says that waste management is using e verify illegally and picking on immigrant workers. the company says the claim is unfounded. >> the company wasn't supposed to use it without consulting with workers. they violated that rule. they also used it improperly. that resulted in workers losing their jobs. it is also being used by the company to try and threaten and intimidate workers when we instituteed e verify and identified some employees who did not have the proper requirements to be employed, they were given time to go and correct it, and provide documentation. they had six to eight months to do that. they
on video. >> firefighters in oakland douse add fast-moving house fire near the airport. we remain over the home on hunter avenue near eldorado street. firefighters will sanctioned parts of the road and that is dangerous. the oakland police officers called the fire after spotting heavy shot and flames coming from the home. firefighters got the flames out but the home was damageed. >> happening right now, san jose is now home to the nation's biggest increase in the minimum wage. the bay hike makes minimum wage workers there the third highest in the nation behind san francisco and senator -- santa fe, new mexico. >> sue? >> starting today in san jose you will start seeing a lot more advertising and decals that say "earn and spend in san jose" in the business windows because of the minimum wage increase, businesses say they really want you to now focus your spending. >> as san jose's minimum wage jumped to $10 an hour, today a new push to keep that money close to home. >> we would like people to spend their pennies here and try to support the businesses that pay the higher minimum wage. >>
the fire. >> happening now the family of a missing oakland woman is asking for the public's help in finding her. the 31-year-old was supposed to be on a flight to visit her brother in texas but never made it. she was seen on surveillance video on thursday morning walking past an oakland bakery. oakland police are investigating. >> the san jose city council will tackle the growing homeless problem tonight. last friday, 100 people were moved from a tent city on spring street near the river. our media partner reports that city leaders are offering sweeping proposals and will look at more affordable housing and encouraging faith-based groups do storm feeding the homeless and find housing instead. >> still ahead, the new push to protect victims of sexual assault in the military. what a bay area lawmaker is proposing today. >> high profile hack job, a website is boasting they have personal financial information about celebrities from hollywood to the white house. but not everyone >> a victory for same-sex marriage couples in colorado allowing civil unions for same-sex couples has cleared the legi
commute hours. our news reporter is live at the bart station in oakland. how is it going so far, amy? >> kristen, we have not seen major problems but the debate is raging on. bart is trying to make it more comfortable for everyone, trying to make this work. but bicycle riders say they realize it is crowd asked they worried about tonight saying the evening commute is when it really is jammed up in there. >> bicycles are allowed on bart trains at any hour this week but that does not necessarily mean they welcome. >> they are constantly in the way and they take up two or three chairs. you commute around 5:00, it is not a good idea to have them. it is really crowded. >> officials say they have reconfigured the trains to try and create more space for bicycle riders and will try out the new space this week during a test run. even during the busy commute bicycles are allowed on board this week. >> some we removed, we also took out the windshields in many of our cars so you can see when you ride a bart train that the areas near the car doors are much more filled with room. >> bicycle riders
and to washington, dc, area, have been canceled and three new york flights. no storm remitted problems in oakland or san jose, though. it seems the only thing on the runway at some airports are plows with the five largest airlines canceling 1,000 flights altogether. the storm system set a record in chicago yesterday and is shaping up to be the most significant snow fall in the washington, dc area, that it has seen in two years. the federal government is closed as well as most schools in that area. >> let me reiterate something we said all morning yesterday. that is, the best thing people in the city can do is to stay off the streets. >> the forecast is calling for up to 6" of snow inside the beltway today. >> venezuela's foreign minister has declared seven days of national mourning in the wake of the death of president chavez. the 58-year-old died yesterday after a two career battle -- two year battle with cancer. hundreds of thousands are paying respects. he was the socialist president for 14 years but clashed with u.s. leaders. the people of venezuela will elect the next president in a special
the north and at 13 miles per hour in napa and 12 miles per hour in oakland and the coast is faster at 8 miles per hour. looking on downtown san francisco, all the way over toward berkeley, graduations cal on the win, san francisco was warmer at 60 and oakland and san jose are at 58 and 59, and walnut creek is 63 and palo alto 59 and mill valley at 61. ocean beach as we look from mount tamalpais this morning, it looks inviting but the air temperature is warmer than the water with 58 in santa rosa and we have that in hayward and we have 60 in fairfield, and 61 in los gatos and livermore and napa, a warmer spot at 62 degrees. here are the three things to know about the forecast: it will be bright and breezy and mild if not warm this weekend and a chance of rain comes back to the forecast on wednesday and thursday so another great weekend to work outside in the yard and maybe wash the car and have the kids do it for you. you can see alcatraz, the golden gate bridge, you can get beautiful shots of the bay area. compared to yesterday, four to eight degrees warmer than it was. why is that happ
, oakland, san leandro, alameda and hayward all are flying the rainbow flag today. supporters of marriage for same-sex couples are optimistic for the supreme court decision although they likely will not find out the ruling until june. >> the racing of the rainbow flag signifies a hopeful going of the end in the fight for marriage equality. >> i have been married to the same woman three times and now it is legal during the brief window before prop 8 passed. >> she was the first lesbian elected to any office in berkeley but that is just part of who she is. >> i am also a per in berkeley. i am excited about this day because this marks another step in the future for all of our kids. >> city council man proposed the raising of the flag today and also wrote the original proposal for berkeley to endorse marriage equality which they passed in 1997. just seeing the supreme court hear arguments on the constitutionality of prop 8 is a success in his eyes something he did not think would happen for another 15 years. >> if the court, even if they take halfway step toward recognizing that states have a
. you can see from south beach to oakland and berkeley, 50 in san francisco and oakland, and 52 in san jose, and mid-50's for pleasanton and palo alto. san jose, you got all clouds right now, and temperatures in santa rosa, at 49, we are at 50 in napa and fairfield and livermore is 51 and fremont and gilroy, dress for 53. here is what i think will happen: cooler today, we will get some sunshine this afternoon, it will take some time but it will breakthrough. rain do showers is what we will have for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, our coolest days in the forecast and a warming trend for the weekend, hopefully as warm as last weekend, and you notice all the pollen, i have a black car. then it was lime green this morning because of the pollen. san mateo shows the peninsula, and san francisco today at one degree cooler and san jose two degrees cooler but we are six or seven or possibly eight degrees cooler in concord and fremont. today, it will be a struggle to get into the 60's with low 60's in the east bay valleys and most of us in the mid-to-upper 50's and i do not expect much sun at
59 in oakland, check out palo alto at 61 and walnut creek at 70 degrees. as we look from emeryville toward san francisco you can see the thicker clouds along the coast, in the upper 50's in santa rosa and napa and hayward and low-to-mid 60's hayward and livermore. here is what will happen with the forecast. thick are high clouds but warmer-than-average and not so warm as yesterday. partly cloudy and mild all the way through the weekend with rain looking more likely next week so sierra snow, also. here is san jose, this morning, you can see the high clouds and sunshine and the temperature is 72 today, five degrees warmer-than-average and same in redwood city and san francisco and 70 in oakland and 74 in livermore. that is seven or eight degrees warmer-than-average. 72 in san jose, and check out los gatos, about 76 degrees today. 70 from redwood city south, 69 in san mateo and 63 in millbrae and upper 50's along the coast where the clouds are stubborn to 60 in daly city and mid-to-upper 60's downtown south san francisco and sausalito, low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley and 1
francisco and oakland mayors are will part of the coalition. at the same time, we are learning new details of the sandy hook elementary school shooter, 20-year-old and his life leading up to the december massacre. released search warrants showed he lived in a world of weapons. investigators searched his home and cars after he shot 20 schoolchildren and six educators. they found an arsenal of guns more than a thousand rounds of ammunition, swords, knives and the attack lasted less than five minutes before he killed himself. >> developing news from san francisco where right now authorities are investigating the discovery of a body on ocean beach. the park police, firefighters and the city medical examiner were called to ocean beach around 7:30 this morning. they say the body was found face down in the water. no word, yet, who the person was or the cause of death. >> san leandro authorities are vetting a hit-and-run accident that sent a woman to the hospital before immediate night in front of a mark on east 14th near 167th avenue. a "wall street journal" with a -- a woman walking with a cane
in oakland for abc7 news. >> thanks. happening now, clean up crews are mopping up after a water main break in east palo alto. we were there at 9:00 a.m. after the break was reported. water ran down several blocks but there does not appear to be real damage. service is shut off while american water replaces the water main. workers are hoping to have the pipes back in working order later today. >> new this morning, san francisco police are looking for the gunman in an overnight drive-by shooting in 9 lower haight. someone in a car shot 5020-year-old in another car and injured a 32-year-old who was in a third vehicle. the 20-year-old drove himself to the hospital where he was treated for injuries to his arm. the 32-year-old flag the down police with injuries to his we face. so far, there has been no description of the gunman. one person has been released from the hospital but two remain in critical condition following a head on collision in richmond. it happened around 8:00 on 37th street. a ask -- camaro crashed head on into a pickup and that flipped. the driver of the vehicle was underage a
now. in the last five minutes oakland has gone from 1.5 mile to three miles and sfo from quarter-mile visibility to nine miles. the fog is just about over. the chances of cooler weather and a couple of chances in the seven-day outlook. >> the st. mary's is being punished because of recruiting violations with march madness only three weeks away. >> the basketball team can play in the tournament but starting today, the team is paying a price for recruiting violations. the infractions committee finds a former assistant coach acted unethically if recruiting international players. he provided them with improper travel, transportation, and host family accommodation. there were incidents of trainers not employed by the college working with the players. the committee finds head coach randy bennett failed to monitor this and the chairman says there were plenty of wreck flags. >> the head coach was aware of the previous employment as a professional sports agency, and his termination from a two-year college because of improprieties. the punishment? the team is on probation for four years st
new, san jose, we will talk about the temperature. 356, not bad, with the sunshine and 54 in oakland and san francisco, and in the 60's in pleasanton and appeal appeal -- and palo alto and the temperature in the east bay will reflect sunny conditions and temperatures in the low 50's around napa and mid-50's at fairfield and gilroy and upper 50's around livermore and fremont. that is 680 headed from concord to walnut creek. here is what will happen with the storm. clouds will thick be and be mild and a lot of sunshine and a nice southern wind. steady rain tonight and chilly showers all the way into friday. that means we will get snow possibly down throughout 2,500' and small hail from the showers. this is the huge system coming our way and the reason we will be unsettled today through thursday and possibly friday morning. that is how long it will take the entire system to come through. here we are at noon with the clouds thickest in the north, and the timetable has not changed much, 5:00 headed toward the bay bridge at 7:00, and the festivities tonight will be wet. hope you get a chan
and thinner clouds from time to time further to the east. 52 in san francisco, and oakland and san jose at 55. half moon bay at 54 and santa cruz at 53 degrees. we will warm up, maybe one or two more degrees but the clouds will thicken. more this afternoon and in the early evening was on the back side of the system, dry air filters in tomorrow and we could go another seven or nine days without rain after this system pulls through. you can see the low, hugging the coast, the best radar returns right off the coast, but they are rotating in the counterclockwise fashion toward us so, again, as we talked about all day the best chance of measurable rain is near the coast but we will get a chunk of energy that will pinwheel around the bay area headed to the evening rush hour so it could be wet. headed from 9:00 to midnight you can see the low is sinking far enough to the south and we lose a little bit of an influence from it and we wake up with clouds and patchy fog possible and the air mass will still be a little damp and you can see the dry air moving in by noon with the clouds braking up and othe
, and right new we are at 61 in palo alto and oakland and mill valley at 62. san jose is 63. check out walnut creek, it is 67 degrees already. san jose is looking nice out here as we look at 87 near the h.p. pavilion and santa rosa and napa in the upper 50's and same thing in hayward, and fairfield at 53 and los gatos at 67 degrees. today, we are going to see the sky become more gray, with sprinkles developing and changing over to scattered light rain. we will have the unsettled weather through tomorrow, and real spring warmth headed into the first weekend in the spring. >> here is what is happening, high pressure is pushing down to the south but it is directing most of this energy to the north and a very mature system that has lost its energy with a lot of moisture coming from hawaii but not a lot of lift in the atmosphere to create it. we have a moist and mild flow. we were mild this morning and comfortable this afternoon and the reason we will be warmer tomorrow morning is because of that. with the thicker clouds, watch as the sprinkles develop across the north bay this afternoon, and you
police often a chase from hayward to oakland. the car crashed into the center median on eastbound 580 between grand avenue and park boulevard around midnight. the officer noticed the car was swerving and tried to pull the driver over but he took off. the investigators are trying to figure out if the same car was involved in a drive by shooting, as well. >> the family of a bay area marine killed on thursday's shooting at quantico marine base is making plans to go to washington, dc, to receive her remains. a pentagon official tells the "washington post" the shooting may have arisen from a romantic entanglement. a woman was shot to death with a marine from mississippi by a 25-year-old instructor, sergeant lopez of pacifica. lopez, then, shot himself. her mother and sister were notified by the marine corps at their home on friday. they want her to be remembered for her smile. >> everyone can tell you her smile. she always had a smile on her face. >> this is sara's prom picture. she joined the marines after graduating from high school. lopez served one tour in iraq and two tours in afghani
. >> thanks, lisa. >>> well, tonight on jimmy kimmel live, oakland's own sandhya coleman is on the top spot on "dancing with the stars." researchers have created images of what prince william and kate middleton's child might look like. >> if they have a girl, this is what -- she looks very old for a baby. leah michelle from "glee." if they have a boy, they have determined he will look like this. this is either the future king of england or a murderer, i'm not sure. they're planning to give birth to a j. crew mannequin. >> okay, jimmy kimmel live airs weeknights here on abc 7 at 11:35. nightline comes on right after jimmy. >> still ahead, drama on the dance floor. >> dorothy hamill forced to drop out of "dancing with the stars." why it's not because of the fans or the judges. >>> a "dancing with the stars" shocker. >> a popular contestant is withdrawing from the competition. >> i've taken the advice of my spine surgeon, and i need to withdraw from the competition. >> olympic great dorothy hamill gracefully bowed out of "dancing with the stars" last night. >> her self-elimination means no one
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